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Harken Fiddle Blocks: Big Boat


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Harken Fiddle Blocks for Big Boat

Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality marine and sailboat hardware and accessories. Buy Harken hardware such as fiddle blocks, winches, travelers, mainsail & headsail systems, and a full range of hydraulic products and services for your boat.Harken Ratchet Blocks at Mauripro Sailing Store

Harken offers three categories of Big Boat blocks. AirBlocks® are designed for offshore boats where weight and performance are critical. They are lightweight, UV protected and easily maintained. Megayacht ULC blocks feature mirror-finished stainless steel or hardcoat-anodized aluminum sideplates and our ultralight composite bearing system (ULC) to handle extremely high loads. ESP, or Elegant Simple Products, is a line of hardware that complements our blocks in looks and function, but is simpler in design and construction.

Harken Carbo Ratchamatic Block
The Harken Carbo Ratchamatic® is a load-sensing ratchet block that rolls freely in both directions under low loads and automatically engages the ratchet as loads increase. Shifting between ratchet and light-air modes is seamless. Unloaded main and jib sheets run out freely during mark roundings and asymmetrical spinnakers free instantly during jibes.
Ratchet engagement may be adjusted to a higher or lower load according to strength and sailing style. The Harken Ratchamatic® cheek block mounts on either port or starboard. The holding power of the 57 mm is as high as 10:1.
For the ultimate system, mount a Harken Ratchamatic® on the boom above a cockpit-mounted switchable ratchet to allow the mainsheet to run freely in light air and to double holding power in heavy air.
Use for: Main/Jib Sheets and Asymmetric spinnakers.

Harken Black Magic Spriddle Blocks
Harken Black Magic® AirBlocks® feature Torlon® roller bearings for strength and reduced wear. The unique center cage separates rollers for less friction. Sideload ball bearings are protected by sculpted aluminum sideplates. Dissimilar metals are isolated to minimize corrosion. Low-load blocks use Delrin® rollers and type 316 stainless steel shackles. Like all AirBlocks®, the three-way head swivels/locks in front/side positions. Blocks are easily disassembled with a single Allen wrench. Use straphead blocks with LOUPS™ or straps aligned fore/aft or side to side.
Use for: Sheets, Halyards, Running backstays and Control lines.

Harken SS ESP Fiddle Block
Harken SS ESP Fiddle Block add dazzle to your boat with elegant stainless steel blocks. Sideplates are polished to a high luster to reflect your boat's beauty, whether it's classic wood, or a modern cruiser. Use Cruising ESP swivel and fiddle blocks in winch-driven purchases of 4:1 or less. Perfect for vangs or mainsheet systems on cruising boats from 35 ft to 45 ft (10 m to 14 m). 

Harken ESP Fiddle Block w/ Becket and Cam
Cruising ESP blocks complement our existing blocks in looks and function, but are simpler in design and construction. Sheaves feature sleeve bearings to handle high static loads and are ideal for halyards or limited purchase systems on cruising boats. Available in aluminum or hand-polished stainless steel.
Use cruising ESP swivel and fiddle blocks in winch-driven purchases of 4:1 or less. Perfect for vangs or mainsheet systems on cruising boats from 35 ft to 45 ft (10 m to 14 m). 

Harken Sailboat Hardware is an international performance marine and sailing hardware manufacturer headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company was founded in a 60-foot trailer in 1967 by brothers Peter Harken and Olaf Harken.

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