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Yacht Equipment

For yacht owners, their yacht is more than just a boat. It is more than just a vessel on the water. It’s an extension of themselves into the ocean. They name it, maintain it, and care for it. We at Mauri Pro are committed to providing yacht owners the tools, resources, and products necessary to keep up that care. By providing hardware, deckware and accessories from a wide variety of distributers for every area and aspect of your yacht, it is our hope to be able to offer a lifetime of excellence, adventure, and good times between you and your yacht.

Vetus Marine

Developing cutting-edge systems for boats and power yachts is what Vetus is about. Vetus Marine manufactures just about every piece of hardware or deckware a yacht could need. Particularly renowned for their bow thrusters and steering systems, be sure to check their product line for any yacht maneuvering needs. Vetus also provides a wide variety of deck hardware and accessories, like boat seating, horns, and deck hatches.

Lewmar Sailboat Equipment

Although primarily producing products for sailboats, Lewmar's anchors and windlasses are at home on any yacht. Check out their extensive selection of portlights and hatches as well.

Edson Yacht Equipment

Designing and building yacht steering systems for over 125 years, Edson can provide for your yacht a massive selection of steering wheels and pedestals. From the classic teak aesthetic to the contemproary and sleek design, Edson yacht wheels provide maximum comfort, performance, and style to any boat. Also available are the world famous Edson Marine pumps, which put the company on the map. Check Edson for all boat navigation needs: marine compasses, radar mounts, steering systems, and more.

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