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Sailboat Wind Instruments


Read the wind direction with the ease of digital read-outs from trusted names like Nexus, NKE, and Tacktick. Wwind instrument displays show the apparent wind angle, wind speed and true wind angle with the help of the a wind transducer. Other compatible instruments show boat speed, depth and distance run as well as water temperature. Some wind instruments als feature a start timer and even a shallow water alarm. A wind instrument system can combine both analog and digital data in a single unit and display the angle readings in relation to your boat, so you always have the wind data you need readily available right where you need it.

Nexus Wind Instruments
Nexus features wind instument packs that can show a range of wind and boat data, as well as wind transducers that can be combined with individual displays for a more custom wind instrument system. The NX2 sail packs are ideal foundations from which you can build your own custom wind instrument system. The instruments can provide you with comprehensive wind data as well as speed, depth, and heading. By using the revolutionary solid state HPC compass, which calculates heel and trim, a Nexus system will deliver highly accurate wind informtaion. The NX2 server allows complete NMEA interfacing capability, as well as proprietary protocol FDX interfacing, allowing easy expansion of the wind instruments system and connection to a computer. All of the Nx2 sail packs can be interconnected with any other instrument via the NMEA port such as radar, plotter, auto pilot etc. Nexus Wind Transducers allow for extremely low drag for extremely accurate data

NKE Wind Instruments
Features a variety of wind speed and direction indicators that can be combined with their displays for a fully functioning wind instrument system. For 25 years NKE has been developing innovative wind instrument systems dedicated to navigation and performance. Whatever your program, should it be racing or cruising, solo or crewed, NKE wind instruments are designed to answer all your needs at every level. Performance, accuracy and simple, intuitive operation are always kept in mind by NKE's development team to achieve the best information and performance. NKE is an excellent choice for giving your boat a smart, advanced and upgradable wind instrument system. Some of the most prestigious victories in sailing have proven NKE's pedigree.

Tacktick Wind Instruments
Tacktick's wind transducers can be combine with their Micronet cruising range or with their race displays, so you can configure a wind instrument system that matches your sailing style.
Tacktick cruising instruments receive and display wind data, as well as boat speed, depth, etc., wirelessly from any Micronet Transmitter. Tacktick wind displays can be positioned wherever you need them on the boat, and they can be easily removed and safely locked away when not in use. Tacktick racing instruments receive and display data wirelessly from Hull and Wind transmitters, including polar data, true wind speed and angle, VMG and compass heading. Tacktick wind instruments give you instant access to accurate wind, compass, and speed data on displays that are completely reliable. Dynamic damping control compensates for sea state, giving you the fastest possible response rate, including compensating wind data from the effects of mast rotation.

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