Sailboat Steering Wheels


Install a steering wheel instead of a tiller to have the comfort of a wheel while cruising with the ability to make small adjustments with the turn of a wheel. Lewmar provides a solution to let you save space with the folding wheels. Get the classy vintage loClassic Sailbat Steering Wheelok with yacht wheels from Edson as well as their other assortment of wheels design with your choice of grip for your comfort and performance.

About Edson Yacht Wheels
Edson has been making yacht wheels for over 125 years. Edson Classic Teak steering wheels are available with bronze and chrome hubs. Their design makes the perfect replacement wheels on classic yachts, as well as sophisticated modern cruising yachts. The Edson Destroyer steering wheels are available in a variety of finishes to match the styling of any type of sailboat.

Edson Ultra Light Aluminum Racing Wheel has become a favorite on the grand-prix racing circuit because of its low-weight slock styling and sensitive feel. They are available in sizes ranging from 44 to 80 inches diameter. Another great option offered by Edson is the Diamond series of Aluminum wheels, which are great for the Racer/Cruiser.

Edson Pro Series Carbon Fiber Wheels
Edson’s newest carbon yacht wheel is the lightest weight production carbon wheel on the market. Weighing a mere 3.5lbs (1.5kg), the Edson ProSeries Carbon Wheel features a unique forked tri-spoke design, superb strength and fingertip sensitivity. Available from 36” (900mm) to 48” (1200mm), they are fabricated in carbon fibre using one piece monocoque construction — making them super strong and super light. The high gloss clear coat finish over carbon fabric weave yields a hi-tech look that compliments both a Grand Prix racer and a Superyacht.

About Lewmar Steering Wheels
Lewmar Commodore Wheels are durable and elegantly styled. It is a standard choice for yachtsmen the world over. Choose from sizes ranging in diameter from 66cm (26") to 122cm(48") 

Lewmar's innovative and patented Folding Wheels are now available at your local retailer. Its unique, fast-action folding system is a concept in space-saving technology. Conventional wheels significantly restrict your cockpit space, but the Lewmar Folding Wheel breaks down that barrier. Ideal for a wide range of yachts, including those with twin-wheeled layout. The Folding Wheel has a two-turn, buttress-threaded, split-spoke design, and a unique hinging system with fast-action handgrip release. This allows you to easily fold and unfold the wheel, using a simple twist of the composite handgrip. At a fraction of the cost of custom versions, the Folding Wheel is appealing to both production boat builders and owners looking to improve their deck layouts. 

The Lewmar Mini Maxi wheel is designed for use where a larger wheel is required or for exceptional rigidity. The Mini Maxi™ wheel is available up to 1524mm/60" diameter.