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Every water enthusiast should own a pair of quality sunglasses. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun's damaging UV radiation, and if you're out on the water they improve visibility and comfort by reducing light intensity and filtering out glare. The combination of direct and reflected light is much brighter on the water than it is on land. The brigh sunlight can reflect off flat surfaces like water, bright white decks and sails, and can impair vision.

At Mauri Pro we offer top quality brands that are able to offer the best protection and look stylish, both on and off the water. From name brands like Gill Sunglasses, who's unique design sunglasses are designed to float on water, to Kaenon, whose sunglasses are designed to be both athletic wear and casual wear. Whether you're into sailing or just love being on the water, Mauri Pro has your eyes covered with our quality selection of sunglasses.