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J70 Sailboat Parts and Equipment

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J70 Sailboat Parts and Equipment

Class Description

The J/70 World's Fastest Growing One Design, Trailerable Speedster. The J/70 Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats' first fully ramp-launchable, keelboat - designed to fulfill a growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, stable enough for the entire family, easy to tow behind the family vehicle, to rig in the parking lot, ramp launch and sail. Plus, J/70 is built to last. In less than 48 months the J/70 worldwide fleet is over 1,300 boats strong, attracting some of the most talented sailors in the world and helping to spark growth of numerous sailing leagues across Europe. J/70 is replacing tired old keelboat fleets at a number of sailing clubs and helping to reinvigorate membership by attracting younger sailors into the ranks. There are fleet discussions underway now around the world both for new leagues and for established clubs. The Sailing World Overall Boat of the Year J/70 has taken the world by storm and future growth for this fantastic boat looks very bright, indeed! These days it is safe to say there is some J/70 event happening on almost any given weekend somewhere around the world.

Class Specs
Standard Draft (ft/m)4.751.45
Beam (ft/m)7.382.25
J (ft/m)7.682.34
E (ft/m)9.442.88
LWL (ft/m)20.476.24
LOA (ft/m)22.756.93
P (ft/m)26.167.97
I (ft/m)26.778.159
ISP (ft/m)30.159.19
100% Sail Area (ft2/m2)22621.02
Standard Ballast (ft/m)630286
Displacement (lbs/kg)1750794