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Nexus Sailing and Marine Instruments

Optimal function, readability and quality. The word Nexus is Latin for connection, summing up exactly what Nexus Instruments System are all about. The network has been designed to connect three groups of core components in the most effective way possible: quality, function and readability.

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Nexus NX Range
While the NX intruments system has a race boat pedigree the system is designed to be quick to set up and simple to operate. Cabling has been kept to an absolute minimum – and done away with altogether as far as the wireless wind transducer is concerned – to keep installation as easy as possible.

Nexus NX Complete Packs
These start packs provide everything that you need to monitor the key navigational variables of wind, depth and speed. At the core of the system lies the WSI connection box, which receives by cables from the transducers real-time data on depth, boat speed andwater temperature. At the same time, the WSI receives via a wireless radio link wind speed and direction from the wireless windtransducer. The information is then processed and sent via a single cable to a Sea Data multifunction display, where the user canselect the preferred combination of data readouts.

Nexus NX2 Digital
For maximum precision: Even if analogue instruments communicate directly more to your visceral senses than your intellectual senses, digital instruments are more likely to appeal to the dedicated racer because they deliver the exact information needed for precise navigation.

Weight: 260g
Enclosure: Waterproof
Power supply: 12V DC (10-16V)
Current consumption: 9mA at 12V

Weight: 320g
Enclosure: Waterproof
Power supply: 12V DC (10-16V)
Current consumption: 8mA at 12V

Nexus NX2 Systems
The NX2 sail packs are the ideal foundations from which you can build your own custom system. The packs can provide you with speed, depth, heading and wind data. By using the revolutionary solid state HPC compass, which calculates heel and trim, it will deliver highly accurate wind data.
The NX2 server allows complete NMEA interfacing capability, as well as proprietary protocol FDX interfacing, allowing easy expansion of the system and connection to a computer. All of the N2 sail packs can be interconnected with any other instrument via the NMEA port such as radar, plotter, auto pilot etc.

Nexus NXR Instrumentation
The NXR racing instrumentation system is the ultimate in integrated networking for sailors who demand the best. It delievers fast update speeds of 8Hz and a range of displays that allows both racing and cruising crews to select a data combination that will meet their exact requirements.

Nexus NXR Packs
Following on from the success of our NX2 packs we are pleased to launch two new NXR packs – The Atlantic and Pacific packs. Two complete racing packages designed to give you the competitive edge.

Nexus Marine designs and manufactures a range of equipment for marine navigation. Electronics and other equipment from Nexus Marine can be found on leading racing boats throughout Europe, the USA and beyond. Many thousands of cruising boats also fit Nexus for the high standards of quality, customer service and good looks that are synonymous with the Nexus brand.

Nexus has completely redesigned its flagship product range, utilizing the most recent electronics currently available, to offer products that are the latest word in accuracy, reliability and capability. As part of the company ethos of ‘passion for performance’ Nexus maintains a pro-active research program to ensure that its systems continue to be leaders in their categories and that the brand retains its position as a respected driver in sail racing.

We at Mauri Pro Sailing are fully committed to be your Nexus Sailing and Marine Instruments specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Nexus Sailing and Marine Instruments please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!

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