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Lines & Ropes: Dyneema Single Braid


The raw material for Dyneema is Polyethylene which is changed on a molecular basis and in addition is stretched in one direction. These stretched molecule chains increase the breaking load and decrease the elongation. Therefore, Dyneema has the lowest stretch at break of all synthetic fibers. Dyneema single braid lines are frequenly used as cascade lines in purchase systems, dinghy traveler and outhaul lines, vang systems, halyards and cunninghams. Single Braid Dyneema lines are also used in keelboat control lines, lifelines and in some standing rigging applications.

About New England Ropes STS 12-75 Dyneema
STS stands for "Stronger Than Steel". STS 12-75 is a 12 strand Dyneema single braid line made from 100% Dyneema SK 75. STS Dyneema has and exellent strength-to-weight ratio and excellent wet/dry strength retention. It also floats. STS 12-75 dyneema is uv resistant and is available in blue, red grey and green. New England Ropes STS Dyneema

About New England Ropes STS-12-90
100% Dyneema New England STS Endura 12-90 strand single braid, treated with our unique Marine-Tech coating for excellent abrasion and UV resistance. Ultra light and super strong, STS-90 is made from Dyneema sk-90 fiber making it the strongest, most powerful rope in it's class. I's lightweigh, flexible, and UV resistance, and does not absorb water.

About Maffioli Swiftchord
Silvertech is the new Gottifredi Maffioli line for fast cruising: an extremely light rope, very versatile and resistant to abrasion: a good solution for both sheets and halyards. Lightweight, strength, durability and comfort: these are the keywords for Swiftcord. Initially designed for Olympic class dinghies, these products garnered the favour of many crews of larger boats, quickly becoming a must-have rope either for a top performance racer or for whoever sails just for fun. Maffioli Swiftchord is a composite single braid line made from Dyneema SK75 combined by a non-slio fiber. Swiftchord is available in red, light blue, navy blue, yellow, green, grey and black in sizes ranging in diameters ranging from 3-10mm. On dinghies It is reccomend for any line adjusted by hand: mainsheet, jib sheet, spinnaker sheets, cunninghams or vangs. On keelboats it is used on spinnaker sheets (for boats up to 45 feet), Mainsheets (on boats up to 30 feet) and control lines on all boat.

About Samson Ropes Amsteel AS-78
Samson Ropes AS-78 - like its counterpart AmSteel®-Blue - is a torque-free, 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel, yet it floats. AS-78 is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance. It is specially designed for improved service life in applications where creep results from long-term static loads. 

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Lines & Ropes: Dyneema Single Braid