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Lines & Ropes: Dyneema Double Braid


The raw material for Dyneema is Polyethylene which is changed on a molecular basis and in addition is stretched in one direction. These stretched molecule chains increase the breaking load and decrease the elongation. Therefore, Dyneema has the lowest stretch at break of all synthetic fibers.

About FSE Admiral 5000 Dyneema Double Braid
The Admiral Dyneema SK75 is an excellent line for halyards. The line has a color match cover and core for easy halyard and sheet identification.Admiral Dyneema SK75 also has superior elongation which allows the line to perform better with less stretch. The FSE Admiral Dyneema has a long lasting, durable cover. The core of this line has S.Y.I.S. PU color match coating. Dyneema SK75 is the core which is made up of long lay 12 strand Dyneema fibers for super low elongation. The cover is a tightly braided 32 plait Polyester which has superior abrasion characteristics.

About FSE Commander Dyneema
The Commander Dyneema® 75 is the perfect product for use as an halyard as well as a sheet due to the multifunctional construction. The R&D departments main aim was to provide the best solution for a rope with less elongation, excellent abrasion skills but still easy to splice and having perfect control. The Commander Dyneema® combines all those characteristics in one rope! Technical data:
It's a 24 plait Polyester-cover with a 12 strand Dyneema® core. The Polyester cover assures a longer lifetime and excellent abrasion skills. The high tech Dyneema® SK 75 in the core is rope-impregnated. This is the reason for a perfectly round rope with high breaking strength and a minimum elongation. 

About New England Ropes Endura Braid Euro Style
Endura Braid Euro Style was developed in conjunction with leading riggers worldwide and tested in the harshest of conditions, EnduraNew England Ropes Endura Euro Style Braid Euro Style surpassed the standards of performance time and again. Endura Braid is New England's most popular Dyneema double braid rope. Use for all running rigging requiring a durable, low stretch, lightweight line.

About New England Ropes Flight Line
New England Flight Line makes excellent spinnaker sheets because it floats, is lightweight, and has a non-absorbent polypropylene cover with a spliceable braided Dyneema core.

About Samson Warpspeed
A great strength-weight-stretch profile (high strength, low stretch, and very low weight) makes Warpspeed from Samson Ropes the high performance racer's choice for double braid ropes. The strength member in this double braid is 100% Dyneema fiber. This cover is a flexible 24-strand polyester that provides good handling, excellent performance in stoppers and clutches, and enhanced abrasion resistance. The cover can be stripped where desired for greater weight savings.

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Lines & Ropes: Dyneema Double Braid