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Lenco Trim Tabs


Trim tabs make the single most important difference in the way your boat rides and performs. They are optional on some boats but should be as standard as power trim and tilt. Lenco trim tabs make your boat ride smoother, drier, faster and with increased safety whether on a small skiff or a mega-yacht.

Lenco trim tab kits include two stainless steel planes, two electromechanical actuators and all mounting hardware for installation (Kits with backplates do not include mounting hardware). The trim tabs operate independently of one another to provide optimal performance by redirecting water flow at the transom of the boat. Lenco trim tabs have been designed to improve the overall attitude of a boat. If used properly, Lenco trim tabs improve the ride, reduce drag, increase speed and improve the fuel efficiency of your boat.
The operation of Lenco trim tabs is basic. The two stainless steel planes are mounted with the actuators on the transom of the boat. When the tabs are lowered, the water flow is redirected creating an upward force at the stern of the boat. When the stern rises, the bow will lower.
Since Lenco actuators are electromechanical, they provide an immediate response at the touch of the switch. This applies to all of our trim tab switch kits. All Lenco switches are based on the position of the bow. The left side of the switch controls the starboard tab. The right side of the switch controls the port tab. The system is set up this way to minimize the guesswork while underway. To lower the starboard bow, press the right (starboard) switch where it reads Down. To lower the port bow, press the left (port) switch where it reads Down. Since all boats are different in weight, length, speed and performance, it takes practice to understand how your boat reacts with trim tabs installed. Lenco trim tabs allow your boat to get on plane faster and continue planing at lower speeds. This improves visibility and the overall safety of your boat. When making adjustments with the trim tabs, use short momentary taps of the switch.
To become knowledgeable on how your boat performs with Lenco trim tabs, remember,practice makes perfect.

Lenco Trim Tabs