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Jim Buoy

Jim Buoy

Home of the manufacturer of a wide range of marine and pool safety products. For over 50 years, we have supplied Jim-Buoy products to boaters and swimming pool enthusiasts

Jim Buoy Life Rings and Buoys

Jim Buoy manufactures a wide range of marine safety products. These products have been supplied to boat and yacht owners and swimming enthusiasts everywhere for over 40 years. Jim Buoy life rings and safety equipment remain the staple of the brand and is still used by both individual boat owners and large crew boats.

Life Rings and Horseshoe Floats

Jim Buoy supplies large and small boat crews, swimmers, and mariners with rings and floats that are tested by the United States Coast Guard Service in order to make sure their flotation device won’t fail in a time of crisis. Each one is constructed to be durable and strong with solid closed form foam; a person in a Jim Buoy device knows they are in good hands in rough water. The design and high quality makes sure the floats won’t rot while being hung in the boat, and are always ready to use. While the horseshoe comes with an optional anchor that weighs down and slows the buoy in water. Just make sure to the flotation device in an easy-to-reach area to save lives. Make sure it isn’t tied hard enough where it costs precious seconds when a life is on the line.

Giant Marine Fenders

Jim Buoy doesn’t just save lives but also makes equipment that can protect boats and docks. With the Giant Marine Fender, it is a closed-cell foam core that can be put in between docks and boats to make sure your boat’s hull doesn’t get damaged. And since it isn’t an inflatable, it won’t pop under pressure when hit by boats or bullets. Easy to use, just drop it in water, and apply vertically when a ship comes into a dock with the lower end of the fender free. Then once a ship is docked and tied down move into its natural horizontal position.

Mooring Buoys

Jim Buoy’s Mooring Buoys are made with a hard polyethylene shell that is filled with high density foam to withstand the elements of the sea. From the Drum Mooring Buoy which is known for its stability in the water and keeping its mooring line dry. To the Pendant Mooring Buoy that can be stacked upon itself when not being used in the water to save space while in storage. Either mooring buoy will help you stay locked in and tight in the middle of the sea to avoid using your anchor and harming sea life underwater.

Dock Bumpers and Rollers

Jim Buoy’s dock bumpers are a must for any boat owner. You want to make sure your boat/dock is protected at all times from collisions. With Jim Buoy’s bumpers and rollers are made with extra volume of cushioning at all potential points of impact. All are made from white, weather resistant marine vinyl to stand out and stay strong throughout the seasons. Just apply to the corners of your dock and let the bumpers do the rest.