Harken - 32 mm Big Boat



Big Boat 32 mm
Harken Big Boat 32 mm Traveller Cars
 handle high loads on boats from 32 to 50 ft (9.5 m to 15 m) and up to 70 ft (21 m) with coupled cars.

Traveler controls must be powerful enough to move the car easily under load and lead to a position where crew can conveniently operate them. Smaller boats usually position controls so the helmsman can make adjustments. Larger boats position controls for the mainsheet trimmer.

From Dinghy travelers to keelboat travelers, mainsheet traveler systems consist of traveler track, mainsheet cars, mainsheet blocks and traveler ends. Mainsheet traveler sizing is based on the boat size, displacement, and sail area. There are many traveler accessories to ensure the correct set up for your sailboat. Ends consist of traveler end stops, end stop with sheave, traveler end caps, rubber car ends, control end with cam cleat, alloy traveler car ends.

Traveler System
Harken Traveler Systems: Harken Systems come in many configurations depending on boat size and sail area. Harken Dinghy & Small Keelboat Mainsheet Traveler Systemsare captive ball traveler cars that come with Micro CB cars, Small boat CB cars or windward sheeting CB Cars that run on either low beam track or high beam track. Harked Midsize & Big Boat Mainsheet Traveler Systems are Midrange Captive Ball Traveler Cars with traveler control blocks that attach directly to the car and run on Midrange Track. Big Boat CB cars attach to Car Controls and can run on either low beam track or high beam track. There are also Harken Mini-Maxi, Maxi & CRX Mainsheet Traveler Systems and Harken Non-Captive Ball Travelers for larger or more custom applications. 

The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Ball bearings run on machined-aluminum, hardcoat-anodized races for smooth trimming and easing. Stainless steel wire guides keep balls captive when the car is off the track. Shackle/toggle cars have low pivot points to handle nonvertical loads.
For a high-performance system, attach Carbo or Black Magic® ball bearing control blocks to stand-up toggle ears, reducing load on the car so bearings don’t bind. Pair with Carbo block end controls for reduced friction and a smooth-running system.
ESP systems feature cars with built-in, axle-bearing control blocks. Pair with axle-bearing ESP end controls for durability and strength.

·  High-stength aluminum
·  Torlon ball bearings
·  Soft/hard attachments
·  Built-in control blocks
·  1361 - 4082 kg MWL

Tech Tip: Remove the shackle on the block and insert the block (without shackle) directly to the stand-up toggle. Shackle-to-shackle attachments will not hold the block rigid for a fair lead, but will flop around on the deck.

How do I keep fair traveler leads and still adjust them from anywhere in the cockpit?
Swiveling cam cleats can increase working angles, some to nearly 180 degrees. This is an excellent option that will allow a fair lead to where you happen to be. Harken X-Treme Angle Fairleads, which cleat and uncleat at up to 90 degrees, can also help you deal with poor leads.