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Harken Battcar System Switch Track

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Harken Battcar System Switch Track

Harken Switch T-Track Battcar Systems allow for a significantly reduced mainsail stack height. This makes it easier for sailors to put a mailsail cover on or attatch a mail halyard. As the mainsail comes down, switch battcars alternate between the port and starboard storage tracks, which flakes the mainsail and cuts the stack height in half. The switch gate has no moving parts, increasing reliability Harken Switch Battcar Trackand ease of use.

Sizes of Harken Switch Battcar Systems

Harken 18 mm Switch T-Track is machined or extruded from 6061-T6 aluminum and hardcoat-anodized for a long-lasting surface. For masts with sail grooves, 18 mm slug-mount track uses a unique system that allows mast-up installation. Use high-load slug-mount tracks on boats over 40' (12.2 m) at sail headboard locations at full hoist and when sail is reefed. Drill/tap track and switches fit masts without sail grooves. Join drill/tap track sections with splice links. Order one per track section. Boats with larger sail areas should use long switches to accommodate more cars.

18mm Switch Tracks Fit Boats: 18 mm: Monohulls: 37-45 ft (11 m - 13.5 m) Multihulls: 30-35 ft (9 - 10.5 m)

18 mm High-Load Switch Tracks Fit: Monohulls 45 - 50 ft (13.5 m - 15 m) Multihulls 35 - 40 ft (10.5 - 12 m)

Harken 26 mm Battcar Switch Systems cut sail stack height in half by automatically splitting cars onto two tracks. Aluminum cars are Hard Lube-anodized for durability. UV-stabilized with black additive for maximum protection. Cars run on low-friction plastic slides. Aluminum T-Track is hardcoat-anodized for durability. Use HC8879 and HC8880 for headboard reefed position. Gate track is removed to load and unload cars. Spherical bushings let headboard cars pass through switch.

26 mm Switch Track Battcar Systems Fit Boats: Monohulls 50 - 80 ft (15 - 24 m) Multihulls 40 - 60 ft (12 - 18 m)

Parts of a Harken Switch Battcar System

Harken switch track battcar systems do not use the same cars as a standard Harken battcar system. When switching from a standard Harken battcar system you need to replace your current cars with ones made specifally to work with a switch. A complete system is built using a headboard car attatched to the headboard, switch battcars on each full batten and intermediate cars every 4 feet along the luff of the sail. A section of track is 3 meters long so a section of track is need for every 3 meters of mast length. A T-track kit (either round or square depending on the shape of the luff groove) is required for every section of track.

Harken Trysail Switch System

Combining a Harken trysail switch system with your T-track battcar system is a great way to reduce weight aloft. Instead of having a separate track system for your trysail and mainsail, the trysail and mainsail switch systems share a single mast track. Only the trysail travels onto the trysail track and the mainsail cars pass through to the standard harken track switch.

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