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101 Selden Blocks: Which block type should I use for my boat?

If you love Selden and want to know which block to use, we will show you the various blocks and the recommended applications to choose which block to get based on your needs.

Selden blocks give you the benefits of high strength to weight ratio. They only use top-quality materials like glass fiber reinforced polymer and marine-grade stainless steel. Each component is designed for top performance and perfect interaction with the rig under all conditions.

The Selden block range consists of plain bearing blocks, roller bearing blocks, high load ball bearing blocks, high load plain bearing blocks, and ratchet blocks.

Ball-bearing blocks

These blocks are used where the loads are more moderate and dynamic—ideal for applications where the line needs continual fine-tuning adjustment under load. The ball bearings provide good sheave rotation with the lowest possible friction. Available in 20, 30, 40, and 60 mm sheave diameters. The bigger the bearing diameter, the lower the friction of the sheave.

Selden ball bearing blocks are mainly used for Spinnaker poles, Spinnaker sheets, Spinnaker tacks, Genoa/jib sheets, Mainsheet, and Mast tracks.

Selden - Ball Bearing

High load ball-bearing blocks

The High Load Ball Bearing 25 block has a very high working load concerning the size of the block due to its stainless steel sides and ball bearings. These are ideal for halyard applications, tackles, and runners on keelboats and performance dinghies.

On the other hand, 60 mm High Load Ball Bearing Blocks have Ø5 mm stainless ball bearings and Ø60 mm acetal sheaves and cages to prevent friction and reduce weight. Cheeks are also made of glass fiber reinforced composite for maximum performance.

Selden - High Load Blocks

Halyard 2:1 blocks

This block is used for 2:1 purchase for a Code 0 or main halyard. The pin is captive. No risk dropping it over the board. Each sheave diameter (30, 40, and 50 mm) matches a gennaker/code 0 furler (CX15, CX25, and CX 40), respectively.

Selden - Halyard 2:1

Pivoting lead blocks

The mast swivel leads the line with full articulation towards the trimmer. It is made of glass fiber reinforced composite and is mainly used for Cunningham, Spinnaker, and Gnav. The sheave (with ball bearings) has two optional positions, either for lines coming from above or from below. In addition, the mast swivel can be fitted up-side-down depending on the desired orientation of the cam cleat.

Selden - Pivoting Lead Blocks

Plain bearing blocks

The plain bearing blocks have acetal sheaves and stainless steel straps for the best strength and longer service life. Stiff glass fiber reinforced composite cheeks to prevent lines from wedging. Also, they include a sliding swivel locking mechanism. These blocks are available from Ø50-100 mm sheaves and are typically used for heavy and static loads in Halyard tuning, Mainsheet systems, and Boom Vangs.

Selden - Plain Bearing

High load plain bearing blocks

These blocks are optimized for wires or Dyneema/Spectra core. They are made of stainless steel, with electro polished cheeks, anodized aluminum sheave, and polymer plain bearing bushing. They have Outer side plates to increase breaking load – while still optimizing the weight, and the sheave is V-shaped for wires applications subject to rig loads, e.g., backstays.

Selden - Plain Bearing HL (100mm)

Ratchet blocks

It makes it easy to advance your grip when hauling in the sheet. Also more manageable for a person to hold the sheet. The perfect combination of control and convenience. These blocks are typically used on dinghy boats for main and spinnaker sheets. The sheave automatically changes from free-turning to ratchet when the load increases. The sailor decides when the automatic ratchet kicks in. Fast, simple, precise.

Selden - Ratchet Blocks

Roller bearing blocks

Low resistance at high, dynamic loads is the main characteristic of Selden Roller Bearing Blocks. Quickly releasing a highly loaded backstay tackle, a mainsheet, a spinnaker halyard, or a kicker tackle makes for fast, safe, and uncomplicated maneuvers. They are designed with Torlon rollers and Acetal ball bearings to stabilize the sheave when subjected to side loads. It is available for Ø 60 and Ø 80 sheaves.

Selden - Roller Bearing

You will find all these blocks and more at MAURIPRO Sailing. If you have any questions regarding sailboat systems, rigging, repairing, and spares for your boat, don't hesitate to contact our sailing experts. We are here to help.


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