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WinchRite Electric Winch Handles


WinchRite ABT by Sailology Cordless Winch Handle is a light-weight, safe, cordless electric winch handle designed specifically for use on sailboats. A perfect edition to your sailing gear, the WinchRite ABT features an efficient 21.6v Lithium ion battery, an ergonomic design and comes complete with a holder for when not in use.

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Technical Overview

- Exterior housing: Composite of ABS and PC plastics resulting in superior durability and strength. 
- Integrated rubber inlay for anti-skid prevention. 
- Weather resistant design. 
- Designed specifically for use on a sailboat
- Torque: Achieves 130+NM of torque to stall
- Rotation: 50-130rpm via variable speed technology in both directions allowing for two speed winch rotations.
- Winch cog contains unique drive to prevent failure in both rotation directions. 
- Cog will not unthread or snap the retaining screw.
- Drive: Integrated standard winch cog of stainless steel.
- Battery: Internal rechargeable 21.6V Lithium Included:
- 100-240 volt AC shore power
- 12 volt DC Trickle charging device
- Storage tote bag
- Drive Cog 

What makes Winch Rite Cordless Electric Winch Handle an Ideal Solution? 

- Weight: 6.4lb
- Torque: 130nm/1150inlb (Tested)
- Battery: 21.6 V Lithium 2.8ah
- Charger: 110/220 AC & 12v DC
- RPM: 50-130+
- Variable Speed: Yes
- Reversible Motor: Yes
- Design: Sailing/Cruising
- Weather Resistant: Yes
- Non-Skid: Yes

The WinchRite® is designed with a socket drive that will not unthread. This allows all winches to be operated in both directions. It works on all single and two speed winches where a standard eight point handle is utlized. Operating the WinchRite should always utilize the lowest speed of your winch to ensure maximum pull and least battery comsumtion. By using the lower speed of the winch less resistance is produced with greater torque. This will also reduce overheating of the sealed motor/drive unit within its housing and increase life span. 

WinchRite ® was designed with a lower 0-120+ RPM gear set resulting in less bog and longer battery life with greater torque. It's specifically designed to chank a sailboat winch. WinchRite® Cordless Electric Winch Handle is 6.4lb-Over 40% lighter and 15.5"inches in length. The resulting design emulates a 10"inch winch handle. The handle is designed is such a way for safety. The handle will pull away from you if torque or resistance is too great. The idea for this unique device was developed with the thought of preventing injury and allowing you to enjoy the sport of sailing.