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Velox Plus Paints

Velox Plus

Velox Plus is an antifouling paint developed specifically to protect propellers, stern drives, shafts, outdrives, struts, jet pumps and other metallic parts immersed in the water. A unique feature of Velox Plus is that it is not degraded by galvanic currents that are typically responsible for paint detachment.

Using Velox Plus will keep your propeller clean, thus increasing fuel economy and boosting vessel performance. Save money and time by extending the periods between haulouts to clean your propeller and other metallic parts. This kit can be used on any size boat, from small yachts to large commercial vessels. Velox Plus can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayed on.

Increases the time between haul outs with Velox Plus, thus saving you money! Velox Plus also has a 2 year pot life, allowing you to save any remaining paint for use at a later time. Increase your fuel economy by preventing marine growth on your propellers, drives and submerged metal to reduce drag. Approximately 60% cost savings compared to "non-stick" or "release" coatings. It's repairable and repaintable! No need to start over each time bare metals become exposed.

Velox Plus works because of the excellent adhesion to metal below the water line. If Velox is scratched or damaged it will not all peel off, unlike "release" coatings. Not degraded by galvanic currents. Galvanic and electrolytic corrosion are the most common cause of paint failure on metal below the water line.

Velox Plus can be brushed, rolled or spray on. No need to rush because Velox Plus does not need a catalyst, allowing for a quality application. Single part primer + single part paint = no rush and no waste. Remaining product can be used during next haul out. There's no maximum time between coats, allowing you to budget your time as needed. Also, no maximum time before launching, allowing you to have a completely flexible application schedule.

Velox Plus Paints