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Trogear Sailboat Hardware - Bowsprits


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Made from carbon fiber, Trogear Adjustable Bowsprits are lightweight, strong and easy to use. The Trogear’s solid, triangular design offers the best weight to strength ratio on the market. They currently come in four models, the AS-30, AS-30R, AS-40 and AS-50 and are suitable for monohull and multihull boats 20-70ft.

Uniquely designed with a hinged installation and adjustable bobstay, it can be placed upright to attach sails or stow at the dock. The luff tension of the sail is adjustable from the cockpit via a control line.

The Trogear bowsprit is designed to be mounted below the deck line for extra strength and to keep your deck clear of obstructions. Additional install methods include deck mounting and attachment to the bow roller. The bowsprit remains removable. It is an ideal aftermarket solution for your sailboat, and facilitates flying Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Code 0s.