Spinlock Deckware Accessories


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SPINLOCK Deckware Clutches - Overview

Safety Line Cutter
With a guarded razor edge and stowed either in the special pocket on the Deckvest or in a simple pouch worn on the life jacket harness, the Spinlock "S-Cutter" is made for severing safety lines under load. By providing a reliable "means of disconnection", anyone wearing the Cutter satisfies ISAF and ORC recommendations, whatever type of safety line and whatever the type of clip used.

Deck Pro Harness
The DeckPro Harness is designed with its sailors in mind. It is made to be super light and easy to fit and wearable with he Mast Pro Harness for upper and lower body security. The unique opening belt system fits fast and securely the first time with the 2T fastener. For shoulder comfort, the straps are shaped towards the center of the chest, for exceptional comfort and freedom of movement.

Thigh Straps
For added comfort for your Deckvest, switch out your crotch straps with the thigh straps, designed to keep hold as needed

Mast Pro Harness
The latest generation of the only harness especially made for working at height. The better solution for mast work.

Pylon Light
The Spinlock Deckware Pylon Light is for any lifejacket owner looking to upgrade their light for improvde visability and clarity of battery status.

Re-Arming Kit
Re-Arm your Deckvest with the kits to help you keep your head above water time after time.