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Schaefer Investment Cast Pad Eyes


The heavy-duty Schaefer pad eyes are investment cast from high quality type 316 Stainless Steel for a high degree of accuracy and strength.The first step in this process involves making a wax part from a master or permanent die. The wax part is then used in a temporary or series of temporary molds.The actual parts are then cast from the temporary molds without any wear to the permanent die to ensure accurate casting each time. Backing Plates are from 304 Stainless Steel and are sold separately.

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SCH7817 - Schaefer Pad Eye Inv Cast 3 in (76mm)OD Base
Code: SCH7817
Original Price: $84.80
Price: $54.61
SCH7826 - Schaefer Backing Plate 78-25
Code: SCH7826
Original Price: $16.40
Price: $10.56
SCH7895 - Schaefer Pad Eye Inv Cast Diamond 3 1/8 in (79mm) L
Code: SCH7895
Original Price: $55.45
Price: $35.71
SCH7896 - Schaefer Pad Eye Inv Cast Diamond 4 in (102mm) L
Code: SCH7896
Original Price: $70.30
Price: $45.28
SCH7899 - Schaefer Pad Eye Inv Cast Oblong 4 in (102mm) L
Code: SCH7899
Original Price: $61.60
Price: $39.68
SCH9742 - Schaefer Pad Eye Inv Cast Square 3 in (76mm)
Code: SCH9742
Original Price: $69.15
Price: $44.53
SCH9752 - Schaefer Backing Plate 97-42
Code: SCH9752
Original Price: $25.10
Price: $16.17
SCH9753 - Schaefer Backing Plate 78-07
Code: SCH9753
Original Price: $22.80
Price: $14.69
SCH9754 - Schaefer Backing Plate 78-17
Code: SCH9754
Original Price: $22.80
Price: $14.69
SCH9756 - Schaefer Backing Plate for 78-96
Code: SCH9756
Original Price: $17.40
Price: $11.20
SCH9757 - Schaefer Backing Plate 78-95
Code: SCH9757
Original Price: $17.40
Price: $11.20
SCH9758 - Schaefer Backing Plate 78-98
Code: SCH9758
Original Price: $15.25
Price: $9.83

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