Ronstan Pad Eyes Diamond BaseRonstan

RONSTAN Pad Eyes- Overview

Ronstan Diamond Pad Eyes are used to attach high load blocks or lines to the deck. Pad Eye plates screw into the deck with a nylon pad under the base to prevent damage. A U-Bolt option is also available for the Diamond Base Pad Eye from Ronstan.

RONRF415 - Ronstan Pad Eye Plate 8mm With Nylon Pad
Code: RONRF415
Price: $25.46
RONRF416 - Ronstan Pad Eye Plate 6.4mm
Code: RONRF416
Original Price: $24.95
Price: $21.85
RONRF44 - Ronstan Heavy Duty Pad Eye With Nylon Pad
Code: RONRF44
Original Price: $32.95
Price: $28.43
RONRF529 - Ronstan Pad Eye, U Bolt, Diamond Base with Nylon Pad
Code: RONRF529
Original Price: $28.95
Price: $25.46

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