Ronstan End Controls Series 26Ronstan

RONSTAN End Controls Series 26 - Overview

Ronstan Series 26 Control ends with high performance Torlon® ball bearing sheaves are used with mainsheet traveller and genoa sheeting systems to create purchase systems for easy adjustment of car position under load.

  • Alloy body.
  • Grade 316 stainless steel cheeks.
  • Alloy sheave.
  • Torlon® ball bearings.
  • Rubber buffers.
  • Applications:
    Mainsheet systems on boats to 12 m (40 ft), genoa sheet systems on boats to 13 m (43 ft), self tacking jib sheet systems on boats to 10 m (33 ft).

    RONRC12680 - Ronstan Series 26 End Cap, Plastic, 34mm x 32mm
    Code: RONRC12680
    Original Price: $8.95
    Price: $7.91
    RONRC12681 - Ronstan Series 26 End Stop, Alloy, 55mm x 45mm
    Code: RONRC12681
    Original Price: $90.95
    Price: $79.65
    RONRC12683 - Ronstan Series 26 Adjustable Stop
    Code: RONRC12683
    Original Price: $154.95
    Price: $135.66
    RONRC12685 - Ronstan Series 26 Control End, Single Sheave & Becket
    Code: RONRC12685
    Original Price: $199.95
    Price: $175.10
    RONRC12687 - Ronstan Series 26 Control End, Double Sheave & Becket
    Code: RONRC12687
    Original Price: $268.95
    Price: $235.54
    RONRC12687C - Ronstan Series 26 Control End, Double Sheave & Becket, Cleat
    Code: RONRC12687C
    Original Price: $378.95
    Price: $331.84

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