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Ronstan Series 30 Track


RONSTAN Captive Ball Batten Car Systems - Overview

Convenient track mountings for the Ronstan Series 30 Batten Car systems are available for fitting standard profile track to the luff groove of existing masts.

Monohulls to 23 m (75 ft) or sail area 120 m2 (1292 ft2).
Multihulls to 17 m (56 ft) or sail area 93 m2 (1001 ft2).

Code: RONRC00360
Price: $9.95
Code: RONRC130120
Price: $184.40
Code: RONRC130130
Price: $281.20
Code: RONRC130160
Price: $455.10
Code: RONRC1301J
Price: $9.30
Code: RONRC130220
Price: $345.00
Code: RONRC130230
Price: $411.00
Code: RONRC1302J
Price: $15.40
Code: RONRC13080
Price: $8.20
Code: RONRC13081
Price: $123.60

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