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Robship Hook & Moor


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The Hook & Moor boat hook is an exciting new product from Robship. It is a unique innovation that helps you thread a mooring ropeRobship Hook & Moor or dock line with a simple pull or push. No more laying on the deck, picking up heavy balls or pulling the entire boat. No more loading, messenger or guide lines, you can use your real mooring line and attatch it directllyto the ball or dock. You can also use the Robship Hook & Moor as a regular boat hook with the hook head in the locked position. The Robship Hook & Moor is made from glass fiber reinforced PA 66 and forged aluminum. The telescoping version shrinks down to under four feet.

To operate the Hook & Moor a few easy steps are followed. The mooring line is attatched then you push the open jaw toward the cleat. Once you have the jaw close to the cleat you continue to push it against the cleat. you push until the jaw makes a complete rotation around the cleat. When you see that the line is through the cleat you pull the Hook & Moor back to you and retrieve the line which is now through the cleat.

The larger sized version of the hook & moor is a full 9' long when extended allowing easy reach to a mooring ball from even a large boat in wavy conditions. The Robship Hook & Moor is an excellent tool that makes life easier for friends and family members and makes a day on the water less stressful and more fun for everyone. you can put a line through a cleat or ring in one motion. Check out the video to see just how unique and useful this mooring hook truly is.