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Raritan Marine Plumbing - Cleaners


Raritan Marine Plumbing - Cleaners

Just squirt a little C.P. under the rim of the toilet bowl. Stains, soil, and odor - even the worst raw water odors from the intake line - just disappear, usually without brushing. C.P. eliminates the need to use bleach and other toxic chemicals to sanitize your toilet bowl. Use C.P. to clean sinks, showers and basins too! It leaves them sparkling clean and fresh-smelling. Putting a small amount in sinks or showers prior to leaving the boat will help to reduce the foul odors that greet you when returning.

Because it is a bioactive cleaner it keeps working after it has been applied. Also ideal for any sumps that exist on the boat and has even done wonders for bilges! When beginning use any previously used chemicals may affect it initially but once you fully switch to C.P. you will find an effective fresh smelling alternative to chemicals!

C.P. Is The Only Bowl Cleaner That Can Be Combined With K.O. (Kills Odors) - Other toilet bowl cleaners use chemicals. Because C.P. is a bioactive cleaner that uses no chemicals, it won’t kill the bacteria in K.O.(Kills Odors).

The combination of K.O. and C.P. make for a truly odor free sanitation system. Many people choose to use K.O. in the holding tank because it is such an effective product and then make the mistake of cleaning with chemicals. Unfortunately, those chemicals kill the bacteria in the K.O. rendering it ineffective. For the best and most effective odor free sanitation system K.O. and C.P. are a must!