Plastimo Horizon 135 Compasses (Cruising)

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PLASTIMO COMPASSES - Horizon 135 - Overview

Specifically designed for sailing boats, the Olympic compasses feature an exceptionally steady card and remain absolutely accurate whatever the heeling angle and the weather conditions. Plastimo is the only compass manufacturer offering a 5-year warranty. The Horizon 135, a member of the Olympic line of compasses, are made primarliy for cruising purposes. The Horizon 135 compass was designed for boats from 9m and up.

Original Price: $ 524.87
Price: $ 449.95
Original Price: $ 524.86
Price: $ 449.95
Original Price: $ 69.95
Price: $ 60.72
Original Price: $ 237.64
Price: $ 203.95
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Price: $ 29.82

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