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PERFORMANCE CRUISING MAINSAIL HALYARD: For performance cruising or entry level club racing. Built out of New England Ropes Endurabraid Dyneema core line (with polyester cover) and Tylaska mainsail shackle. Line size varies from 8mm (5/16") to 11mm (7/16").

Line, Shackle, Eye splice and Messenger Loop.


Halyard Length Line Diameter Shackle
17.1m (56 ft) to 30.5m (100 ft) 8 mm
5/16 in.
23.2m (76 ft) to 36.6m (120 ft) 10 mm
3/8 in.
29.3m (96 ft) to 48.8m (160 ft) 11 mm
7/16 in.

Delivery time: Turn around for Halyards is 2 to 3 business days, plus shipping.

Splicing Code:
MPR110 + MPR105

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