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Important: Measurement forms are required for all mainsail cover orders. Mainsail Covers are ordered by boom length. If you need to find out the length of your sailboat boom, click here: Rig Dimensions

Mauri Pro Horse Blanket Mainsail and Boom Cover

Specification: The Horse Blanket Boom Cover is suitable for mainsails that detach from the mast and are flaked on the boom. It is manufactured from solution dyed Acrylic. Features ties at either end to tie around the mast and boom. Turn buckle fasteners on the bottom of the cover provide a clean fit around the boom.


Pacific Blue

Navy Blue


Jockey Red


Forest Green

Cadet Grey


Note: Color samples for reference only. Other colors available upon request.

Measure Form


(Click here for a printable copy)


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A: Height of flaked sail from bottom of boom

B: Sail length from center front of the mast to the clew ring

C: Circumference of the mast

D: Circumference of the boom

G: Circumference of sail including the boom at 50% of B

J: Clew ring to boom end


Code: MPCHB20
List Price: $ 278.00
Price: $ 230.95
Code: MPCHB30
List Price: $ 374.00
Price: $ 310.95
Code: MPCHB35
List Price: $ 438.00
Price: $ 363.95
Code: MPCHB40
List Price: $ 502.00
Price: $ 416.95
Code: MPCHB45
List Price: $ 534.00
Price: $ 443.95
Code: MPCHB50
List Price: $ 598.00
Price: $ 496.95
Code: MPCHB55
List Price: $ 662.00
Price: $ 549.95
Code: MPCHB60
List Price: $ 694.00
Price: $ 576.95
Code: MPCHB65
List Price: $ 758.00
Price: $ 629.95
Code: MPCHB70
List Price: $ 790.00
Price: $ 655.95
Code: MPCHB75
List Price: $ 854.00
Price: $ 708.95
Code: MPCHB80
List Price: $ 918.00
Price: $ 761.95
Code: MPCHB85
List Price: $ 950.00
Price: $ 788.95
Code: MPCHB90
List Price: $ 1,014.00
Price: $ 841.95
Code: MPCHB95
List Price: $ 1,078.00
Price: $ 894.95
Code: MPCHB100
List Price: $ 1,110.00
Price: $ 921.95

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