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Lewmar C Series Capstans

Lewmar's C series Capstans provide almost effortless rope control at the press of a footswitch. The WARP™ (Wear and Abrasion Resistant Pattern) finished drum optimizes performance and reduces rope wear by up to 30%. Stainless steel components combine strength, anti-corrosion and durability with a beautiful, polished finish. Installation of the C3 is quick and simple, as it is fastened entirely from above deck.

LEW6630331312 - Lewmar C3 Windlass 12V - 1850 lbs.
Code: LEW6630331312
Original Price: $2,693.20
Price: $1,515.00
(You Save: $1,178.20)
LEW6630332312 - Lewmar C3 Windlass 24V - 2200 lbs.
Code: LEW6630332312
Original Price: $2,693.20
Price: $1,515.00
(You Save: $1,178.20)
LEW66810032 - Lewmar C4 / C5 Windlass Capstan Deck Unit
Code: LEW66810032
Original Price: $1,897.00
Price: $1,067.00
(You Save: $830.00)
LEW68000534 - Lewmar C4 Windlass 12V Motor Gear Box
Code: LEW68000534
Original Price: $1,864.50
Price: $1,398.00
(You Save: $466.50)
LEW68000535 - Lewmar C4 Windlass 24V Motor Gear Box
Code: LEW68000535
Original Price: $1,864.50
Price: $1,398.00
(You Save: $466.50)
LEW66810011 - Lewmar C5 Windlass 12V Motor Gear Box
Code: LEW66810011
Original Price: $2,378.10
Price: $1,338.00
(You Save: $1,040.10)
LEW66810012 - Lewmar C5 Windlass 24V Motor Gear Box
Code: LEW66810012
Original Price: $2,387.60
Price: $1,343.00
(You Save: $1,044.60)

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