Harken Narrow Halyard & Steering SheavesHarken

Harken Narrow High-Load Sheaves

Harken Narrow high-load sheaves in mastheads improve sail handling, speed sail changes, and allow the use of smaller, lighter halyard winches. Used in steering systems, these sheaves return “feel” to wheel-steered boats. Sheaves combine sideload-carrying balls with a PTFE composite bushing for radial loads. These durable sheaves are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and are well-suited for masthead and steering installations.

Installation of the Harken Narrow Halyard and Steering Sheaves requires clamping or securing inner race.

Use for:
Masthead/halyard sheaves
Steering systems
HAR691 - Harken 3.0 in. Halyard Sheave
Code: HAR691
Original Price: $141.35
Price: $124.39
HAR692 - Harken 4 in. Halyard Sheave
Code: HAR692
Original Price: $327.90
Price: $288.55
HAR693 - Harken 5 in. Halyard Sheave
Code: HAR693
Original Price: $377.30
Price: $332.02
HAR694 - Harken 6 in. Halyard Sheave
Code: HAR694
Original Price: $426.95
Price: $375.72
HAR695 - Harken 7 in. Halyard Sheave
Code: HAR695
Original Price: $556.85
Price: $490.03

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