Harken Accessories


Harken Accesories

Harken Accessories are designed to make standard blocks more versatile or fill a special need.

The 062 handhold is popular on boats like Solings and scows to help hiking crew reenter the boat. It can also be used as a handle for things like engine covers. It has drain holes.

Bullseye Fairlead
Use the 237 and 339 where there is little deflection in the line such as when routing a spinnaker pole foreguy aft along the cabin house.

Sail Chafe Protectors
Use 285 to ease genoas over lifelines or past shrouds and to help large roach mainsails clear backstays.

Use 947 with racing foils or furling systems.

Dinghy Clew Hook
The 433 and 394 dinghy clew hooks are designed for Lasers® and other loose-footed dinghies. They install permanently on the boom and allow you to instantly attach and adjust your sail in high wind and waves.
Code: HAR062
List Price: $ 14.70
Price: $ 12.94
Code: HAR237
List Price: $ 5.60
Price: $ 4.93
Code: HAR285
List Price: $ 35.30
Price: $ 31.06
Code: HAR339
List Price: $ 3.50
Price: $ 3.08
Code: HAR394
List Price: $ 31.20
Price: $ 27.46
Code: HAR433
List Price: $ 16.40
Price: $ 14.43
Code: HAR947
List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 15.96

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