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Clamp Jackets

Clamp Jacket

Put an end to exposed hose clamp tails! Clamp Jackets by PYI Inc. protect users from cuts and scrapes caused by the sharp ends of hose clamps. Made out of durable EPDM rubber, the unique sleeve design allows the Clamp Jacket to slip over the tail of a worm gear hose clamp to provide a worker protection from cuts and abrasion from exposed clamp tails.

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The Clamp Jaket is ideal for a multitude of projects including marine, automotive, industrial, military and even around the house. So quit cutting yourself and get some Clamp Jackets, after all they're cheaper than Band-Aids.

The PYI Clamp Jacket can be used anywhere there's hose clamps. From marine, automotive, military, household and even industrial applications, the Clamp Jacket will help protect you and the surrounding material.

Technical Specifications:
The Clamp Jacket is manufactured from EPDM rubber. EPDM is extremely resistant to weathering and performs well in brake fluids, acids, alkalies, ketones, oils, greases, and steam (up to 400 degrees).
• Temperature range of -65°F to +300°F
• Material durometer of 70+ / -5 (Shore A)
• Tensile strength of 14.3 MPa