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Supporting the growth of Sailing

For years there has been the belief that in order to grow sailing we have to appeal to young sailors and new comers, which will support the future growth. The reality is that this did not happen. All the contrary, sailing at its best has been losing participation.

We are promoting a different theory based on the facts that in the US only 9% of the fleet is being used, and only 1% of boat will ever race. This data came from a survey in 2011 and repeated in 2015. It doesn't take a master's in statistics to run into this conclusions, it's a matter of walking into a marina any given weekend to see for yourself. There are over 1.2 million people in the USA who declare 'sailing' Facebook as their primary past-time. Unfortunately US Sailing membership is around 45,000 at its best, which translates into 3.5% of sailors in the USA are members of the governing body (who does a great job amungst dedicated racers).

Our proposal is different and takes the previous as step 2. Instead of trying to reach new comers, our approach is to reach out to current sailboat owners who are not using their boats and find out: a. Why, and b. What can we do to weed out those reasons.

Through our marketing research we have found that sailors like to go sailing alone, therefore no organized event is needed. As the sailing population gets older, they tend to lose their enthusiasm for the fire drills of a chaotic start or windward-leeward rounding, yet they will race any point A to point B and even more if races have reverse-starts (time allowances are adjusted at the start). We all want to get to the party on time and better yet if we get there all together. The other advantage of the reverse-start is that your finishing place is the same as you cross the finish line. First across wins.

Wrap up

Mauri Pro Sailing's proposal to increase participation:

  • Reach out to current sailboat owners who are not using their boats.
  • Promote Point A to Point B regattas or cruising tours.
  • Use reverse starts.
  • Encourage a one day or an overnight cruise.
  • Support PHRF racing.

Note: For a more international racing, look for ORC Measurement System.

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