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'soSAILize is a global sailing network that helps connect all sailing fans with the people and resources needed to reach their full sailing potential.'


soSAILize.net implements the idea of building a global social networking community as a landmark (beacon) for sailing fans / enthusiasts who seek ways to live, fulfill, enhance sailing experiences worldwide.

SoSAILize is a web page created to sailors from sailors. It born of the idea of building a global social networking community as a landmark, that can reunite sailors from all the world. soSAILize.net give us the opportunity to keep in touch with the sailing community and enhance sailing experiences worldwide. It also allows us to share lots of information that could be useful by others sailors than are part of soSAILize community. This web has a lot of uses, it functions as a social network, where you canvv create an account, invite friends, upload pictures, videos and thoughts. It also give their users the chance to create sailing events and share to the community so people who are close to it don't miss it out. Users of soSAILize can create their sailing team online and exchange information. Via soSAILize we can share our routs so if someone is also leading to the same destiny both can travel together making a trip better. They also write about their experience and there is also a section for articles of sailing news, how to, sport, environment and more. We can say that SoSAILize is a lot more, is an ultimate tool that brings different services into one place and blends them into one complete platform.

Is an amazing tool that should not be passed by. It help a lot ofsailors, no only because it help the connection between sailors but also because it give crucial information for the trip it self, like when the weather is bad, someone who is there warn the others on the social network, or if they are in trouble they can ask for help, and not only advices for sailing but also for lifestyle, where to go eat and where not to go, and even share their recepies for the catch of the day. SoSAILize is a place to go and hang out, discuss issues, share stories and tips, make friends and create or join events and groups.

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