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Selecting Cleats vs Clutches

A recurring question that comes into the Technical Support inbox is "How to better select cleats and clutches"

Q:Are you constantly going to adjust the line?
Q:Are you adjusting the line by hand or through a winch?

Basically, if you need to constantly adjust the line (like sheets), then cam cleats are the answer. Select Micro Cam Cleats for control lines up to 6mm in diameter. Select the Standard ones for main, jib and spinnaker sheets or lines up to 10mm. This applies to dinghies up to mid-size boats of around 30 ft. (even if you are trimming using a winch, set a cleat to hold the line).

For high-load application, such as mainsheets on a Beneteau 36.7, J-105 or similar size boats, the Spinlock PXR Cleats may be a better alternative as they take more effort to release under load. On larger boats when cleats may be necessary, you can opt for an offshore size cleat to accommodate larger diameter lines.

Note:Go with V-Cleats if you are using single braid lines for control adjustments.

Unless they are set on the mast, cam-cleats are not recommended to hold and set halyards (as they can easily be released by the crew while switching sides through a tack. For small to mid-size keelboats: The Spinlock XAS or Lewmar DC1 would be appropriate. For the upper end of the mid-range spectrum or boats around 40ft., select Lewmar DC2, Spinlock XTS or XCS rope clutches. Larger sailboats should consider rope jammers to hold their halyards or high load sheets. One exception to the rule should be to set a footblock with a cleat for spinnaker sheets.

If you need to constantly adjust a line or you are trimming it by hand, then go with a cleat, everything else should require a rope clutch, jammer or as pointed out a footblock with a cleat.

Do not hesitate to contact MAURIPRO Sailing - Tech Support Team, we are looking forward to assisting you select the appropriate sailboat hardware to fit your boat or sailing style.

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