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Why Ice Boating?

I probably sail more in the winter on the ice than I do in the summer on the water. The main reason is the speed. Fast is fun! I guess I'm a speed junky. I started sailing DN's about 18 years ago. You can get into a competitive DN for $5000 or less if you are willing to do some work and/or start with some used equipment. Sailing a DN you can easily reach 60mph downwind and they have been clocked at 80. That's twice as fast as a moth and WAY faster than the last AC boats. More recently I have been lucky enough to have a chance to sail a Skeeter. The E-Skeeters are the fastest sailing craft on the planet. They will go 100+mph.

Ice boating is a builders sport. You can create something in your garage or basement that goes faster than any soft water boat. Building with my friends is a big part of the fun for me.

The people in the sport are great. They are always willing to share information and it's always fun when you are in a group that shares the same passion. The other aspect I like is the sense of extreme adventure every time you step onto a frozen lake. A sheet of ice is a dynamic and ever changing thing. You have to respect that or you can get into serious trouble. The interface between the ice and the runner blades is also an ever changing variable that is critical to going fast or not. Figuring out how to make an iceboat go fast is a never ending challenge that keeps me interested.

by Steve Orlebeke

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