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We all cannot denied that technology and an abundance of alternative activities has started taking over our time to Go Sailing. Sadly, a couple of years ago we reported that the American fleet was shrinking (same pattern worldwide with some exceptions) and that more and more boats were sitting in their slips with no on-the-water activities.

As marketers the big questions was "how to get people sailing again?", a huge array of proposals came, but after a couple of test runs some of them started showing results.

  • People were reluctant to get tangle in "high-stress" starts.
  • Sailors dislike complicated rating systems, they favor less scientific ones for more transparency and immediate results.
  • Too much focus on racing and not enough on socializing.
  • The lack of reaching legs.

Proposed Solutions:

  1. A single number handicap system. Simple with immediate results.
  2. Reverse starts. No stressing out, slower boats sail on the front for a while and who ever crosses the finish line first is the winner. No need to wait for results.
  3. Because of the reverse starts all boats are back at the dock at the same time, so no one misses the party.
  4. Point A to Point B instead of Windward - Leewards.
  5. Non-spinnaker and Cruising Gennaker fleets to accommodate more cruising boats.

Note: During a recent survey, over 100 people who work in the sailing industry pointed out that they started sailing when younger than 13 in a Sunfish/ similar boat or when they were in there early 20's because a friend took them sailing on a Catalina 22 or 25. From there their paths were different, but all of them grew with a passion for sailing that still burns today, many years later.

Simple fact: The more you sail, the more you want to go sailing!

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