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We found Giacomo after an ORC regatta in Paracas, Peru. He was born in South America but moved to the USA when he was two years old, since then he has joined passionate sailors in many sailing and scuba diving adventures. Since his family runs a sailing company, Giacomo has been learning about the sport and the industry of sailing since day one. He might bring a different perspective since part of his early vocabulary includes "roll tack" and "winch".

1) What was your first sailboat? How old were you when you started sailing?
My first time sailing was 6 years old but I didn't start taking it seriously and started competing until I was 8 years old. My first regatta was dousing the kite on a Hobie 33.

2) Who introduced you to sailing?
I was introduced into sailing by my father who dedicated his entire life and career to the sport. He was the one who thought me the do's and don'ts around a sailboat and the sailing tactics on a race course.

3) Which has been your most memorable regatta?
My most memorable regatta was the 2013 Trans-Superior, it was a 3 year program with 3 days racing Lake Superior aboard an IOR 50 with some of my closest sailing friends and mentors.

4) Do you practice any other sports?
I don't play another sports since I've most of my weekends were dedicated to sailing or scuba diving, but I've been playing guitar since I was 11 years old and I'd like to start learning how to play the saxophone.

5) Now that you are working in the industry, how do you keep up with work and sailing?
For me work and sailing go hand in hand so even when I'm out of the office I'm surrounded by the sailing friends. Supporting our customers during weekdays never feels like work.

6) How is your routine in a regatta day?
My routine for a regatta is simple, eat a high carb meal the night before, and in the morning a high protein meal. I like to get to the docks early to prep the boat accordingly based on the wind conditions. Once that's finished my crew and I will try start practicing about an hour before the race to make sure we have clean hoists and that we get our tacks and jibes perfectly. A good race day for me in mainly based on the preparation done before hand.

7) Who is the toughest sailor you've competed with?
Like any sport the hardest person to compete with is your coach. For me, my coach has always been my father. No matter the sailing conditions or the type of boat we are on he always manages to keep me thinking one step ahead. I think sometimes he loosens his sheets a bit so that I can pull ahead of him, but like any competitive nature, he trims the sails back in, hikes a little harder and keeps pushing me to be better and better every day.

8) What are your favorite sailing conditions? Where?
I guess you could call me an adrenaline junky... My favorite sailing condition is in 25+ knots of wind on something lightweight with a bowsprit and an asymmetrical spinnaker. I love racing in Corpus Christi, TX.

9) What is your ultimate goal in sailing?
My ultimate goal in sailing is simply to keep the sport and the sailing community growing, I grew up sailing every weekend and I want to do my part so that my grandkids can witness the same experiences I have been able to take place in while learning and sailing next to very passionate people.

10) What would be your advice for new sailors to stay motivated?
My advice to new sailor is never forget why you started sailing in the first place. Even if I lose a race I always tell myself "when it comes to sailing: there are good days, and challenging days... but never bad days." Never stop learning and always have a drink ready for you at the dock after a hard day of racing.

Note: Currently Giacomo has joined Mauri Sails as a Sail Consultant.

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