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Ben Moon Interview

Every time we think about Ben, a Moth, an A-Cat or any other go-fast boat comes into our minds. We have known Ben since 2005 and he is always searching for a fast ride. He is a serious professional who is also really fun to be around.

What was your first sailboat? How old were you when you started sailing?
My 1st sailboat was an Australian Sabot (similar to US Sabot with snub nose but fully battened main and centerboard) It was bright yellow named 'Sunshine', and I was really young.

Who introduced you to sailing?
My Father 'Stuart'

Which has been your most memorable regatta?
Probably 2015 Moth Worlds in Sorrento Australia, or 2012 A cat Europeans in lake Garda ITA.

Do you practice any other sports?
Yes lots! Surfing was my main sport until my relocation to the West Coast of Florida. I also Kite surf, windsurf, snowboard, ski, and love to ride both road and mountain bikes

How is your training program? How do you keep up with work and sailing?
The boats and additional sport disciplines that I choose have a level of fitness through regular participation. In addition, I keep healthy with a balance of circuit work and running. Work and sport is sometimes tough to find a balance. I am very fortunate to work for a great company like Ronstan that supports my sailing endeavors.

How is your routine in a regatta day?
It really depends on the event and location. I try to stay as flexible as possible depending on conditions and schedule. The one standard is to wake early and check forecasts... and of course a beer as soon as possible after I get off the water.

What are your favorite sailing conditions? Where?
Wherever its warm and windy!! Fremantle Western Australia and Lake Garda would be two favorites!

What is your ultimate goal in sailing?
To challenge myself and be competitive in disciplines that keep me feeling young!! The Kite foil is my latest endeavor.

What would be your advice for new sailors to stay motivated?
To keep it fun and choose classes based on speed and enjoyment! The Fun factor....

How long you been at Ronstan and how you landed a job that can be called the 'dream job' for aspiring sailing marketers or sales person. (working for a well -known brand and in a global organization).

I've been working for Ronstan for 20Years. During that time I have been based 50% In the US and 50% Australia. I was a sailmaker for 7 years before that. While working in the industry I was also coaching and was always very involved at the local club whenever and wherever possible. I believe I was considered for the position at Ronstan due to my commitment, passion and love for the sport.

What are you expectations for the future of sailing as an activity and as a sport. JR sailing, needs to be fun and inclusive, the direction of the open Bic is a good start. To keep the Intermediate aged sailors engaged there needs to be a good pathway to performance based sailing.

Industry representatives need to assist more in the promotion of the sport as a whole and not just the promotion of their own products. We need more focus and development of recreational and social racing.

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