Cruising and Racing Sails

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Cruising and Racing Sails

MX Racing Storm - Trysails

Bullet-proof, small, and bright orange, a trysail is designed to protect the mainsail from winds over 45 knots. It flies behind the mast; it is a short, triangular sail with a "droopy clew" that is sheeted to the deck or boom.
MX Racing Storm - Trysails

Sail Includes:
Reinforced corners
Orange Sailcloth

Tack and Head Pennants

Sail Overview

MX Storm Trysail, a small and bright orange heavy weather sail. Storm Trysails are designed to save your mainsail from winds over 35 knots. For safety reasons and to protect it from damage, these sails does not feature any headboard or battens. Concave leech and the foot. MX Racing Storm Trysails are made out of heavy-duty woven polyester, the color provides highly visible.

Sail area calculation

A storm Trysail sail area should not be more than:
0.175 PxE (luff measurement x foot measurement).


MX Storm Sails are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty workmanship or damage due to sailcloth manufacturing, subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear are not covered.