Cruising and Racing Sails

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Cruising and Racing Sails

MX Racing Storm - Jibs

The Storm Jib is used in winds too strong for any heavy weather Jib. Short hoist and a hollow leech and foot to prevent the edges from fluttering. It is designed to fly from a pennant to keep the sail above breaking waves.
MX Racing Storm - Jibs

Sail Includes:
Reinforced corners
Orange Sailcloth

Tack and Head Pennants

Sail Overview

When the wind exceeds the range of your heavy weather jib, then it is time to hoist your MX Storm Jib (usually on winds over 35 knots). The sail features a short hoist at no more than 65% of the length of the luff. Features a hollow leech and hollow foot to prevent the edges from damage under heavy flogging. The storm jibs are made out of strong woven polyester. The bright orange color makes it highly visible.

Even though the sail is design to be hoist on your regular foil, for safety reasons the sail must have an alternative way of being attached to the stay. All MX Storm Jibs feature grummets on the luff.


MX Storm Sails are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty workmanship or damage due to sailcloth manufacturing , subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear are not covered.