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Cruising and Racing Sails

MX Racing Asymmetrical Spinnaker - A3 Medium Reacher

Let the fun begin, close reaching in anything over 15 knots is a blast. Our A3 is a stable, easy to trim reaching spinnaker. Narrow shoulders provide trimmers and drivers with a wider groove without constant adjustment. Ideal for 90 to 130 AWA.
MX Racing Asymmetrical Spinnaker - A3 Medium Reacher

Sail Includes:
Full Radial Cut
Medium Reacher Sail Profile
ORC or PHRF Max Mid Girths
Color Coded Luff, Leech and Foot
Luff & Leech Lines 
Sail Numbers
Racing Turtle Bag

Sail Graphics

Sail Overview

MX5 racing asymmetrical spinnakers are offered in a wide range of shapes and weights, ideal for ORC, PHRF and IRC racing and for all boats looking forward to improve their downwind performance. Our sail consultants have a single goal in mind, to develop a sail that can sail deeper and faster. Our sailmakers have years of experience and our skilled team works hard to be sure that each panel is stuck under equal tension, feature that allow us to deliver a smooth spinnaker. MX5 Racing Spinnakers provides you and your crew with added downwind performance.

MX5 Racing Spinnakers are build out of the latest on spinnaker ripstop nylon. The range includes sailcloth weights from 0.5 oz. up to 1.5 oz. (heavier sailcloth available on request).

A3 Medium Reacher Ideal Range

  • AWA: 85 to 110 degrees
  • AWS: 10 to 20 kts.

Asymmetrical Racing Spinnaker Codification

  • A1 - Light Wind Reacher
  • A2 - Light Wind Runner
  • A3 - Medium Reacher
  • A4 - Medium / Heavy Runner
  • A5 - Heavy Reacher

Standard Features

  • Corner Rings: Stainless Steel O rings with heavy duty zig zag stitched polyester webbing.
  • All seams on racing spinnakers are either flat felled and seam taped before sewing.
  • Radial Patches are a standard feature to distribute corner loads into the sail and ensure a smooth and light sail.
  • Luff, Leech and foot lines.
  • Head, tack and Clew printed identification tags to provide ease of hoist and packing.
  • Color coded edge tapes are standard as (Luff = Red, Leech = Green and Foot = White).
  • Box Turtle Racing Bag is standard.


  • Anti-Torsion Luff rope in 8mm and 11mm for roller furling Asymmetric Spinnakers.
  • V Trim stripes.
  • Asymmetric Tack Batten Prodder (stiff batten placed above the tack ring for catching the lazy sheets during an outside gybe.)
  • Retrieval Line System - a webbing loop in the spinnaker mid-section supported by a reinforcing patch for attachment of retrieval lines.
  • Soft clew (optional)

Sail Graphics and logos

We offer a full in-house graphic design team to take care of all your spinnaker graphic needs. Your option of:

  • Cut Vinyl / Insignia
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Inked
  • Inlaid
  • Printed Vinyl


Asymmetrical Spinnaker furler and sail package pricing.


MX5 Racing Spinnakers are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty workmanship or damage due to sailcloth manufacturing, subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear is not covered.