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Cruising and Racing Sails

MZ Cruising Spinnaker - Symmetrical AP

MZ Cruising Symmetrical Spinnakers are designed to increase your downwind speed. Sail broad shoulders allows you to rotate the sail to windward for added downwind performance. Ideal sail for 6 to 16 knots of TWS and 110 to 160 apparent wind angles (AWA).
MZ Cruising Spinnaker - Symmetrical AP

Sail Includes:
Full Radial Cut
Your choice of colors
Cruise profile 
Moderate girths 
Sail Bag

Sail Graphics

Sail Overview

MZ2 Cruising Symmetrical Spinnaker are easy to trim and the horse-power needed for those dead downwind legs. Stable and easy to fly. HTN - High Tenacity Nylon range is perfectly suited for Offshore, Performance and Coastal Cruising Spinnaker and is available in three weights:
a. HTN 50 / 0.75 oz / 50 gsm
b. HTN 70 / 1.5 oz / 70 gsm

This range of sail cloth weights provides superb stretch resistance. MZ2 Spinnakers are offered in a Light, Medium or Heavy Air options.

Standard Features

  • Corner Rings are Stainless Steel O rings with heavy duty zig zag stitched polyester webbing.
  • As standard we stitch all 0.75 oz nylon with flat seams and "heavy air" seams are used on 1.5 oz nylon.
  • Radial Patches are a standard feature to distribute corner loads into the sail and ensure a smooth, light sail.
  • Polyester Luff, Leech and foot lines.
  • Head, Foot and Clew have printed identification tags to provide ease of hoist and packing.
  • Color coded edge tapes are standard. (Standard: Luff in Red, Leech in Green and Foot in White).
  • Other colors can be selected and specified.
  • Drawstring sail bag.

Graphics and logos

We offer a full in-house graphic design team to take care of all your spinnaker graphic needs. Your option of:

  • Cut Vinyl / Insignia
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Inked
  • Inlaid
  • Printed Vinyl


MZ2 Cruising Spinnakers are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty workmanship or damage due to sailcloth manufacturing, subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear are not covered.