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Cruising and Racing Sails

MZ8 Cruising Mainsail - Performance Voyager

The ultimate high performance cruising sail. MZ8 Voyager cruising sails brings that sense of "sport car driving" into sailing, tame when needed but ready to accelerate as it brings a smile into your face. MZ8 Endurance for the non-compromise performance cruiser.
MZ8 Cruising Mainsail - Performance Voyager

Sail Includes:
Load Path Membrane
Taffeta on both sides
Offshore and Bluewater Cruise Profile
Performance Cruise Leech Roach
2 Set of Reefs (3rd optional reef)
Full Battens
Tell Tales
Sail Bag

Batten car system upgrade
Mainsail Cover

Sail Overview

MZ8 range of performance cruising sails are available for the sailboat owner who want the ultimate on long lasting offshore cruising sails. These Load Path Membrane sails are ideal for mid-size and big sailboats. MZ8 sails feature a double taffeta for added endurance during long offshore passages.

These Load Path Membrane performance cruise sails are available in several formats:

  • Battened Mainsail; full (default), partial or short
  • In mast Roller Furling with a hollow leech and clew block
  • In mast Roller Furling with a positive roach supported by vertical battens and with a clew block
  • In boom Roller Furling with full battens

Membrane Details

Polyester: 100% Black Polyester passes. Insert 2222 Black Polyester @ 20 mm spacing.
Technora: 100% Technora passes. Insert 1670 Technora @ 20 mm spacing.
Carbon: 50% Carbon, 50% Technora passes. Insert 1670 Technora @ 20 mm spacing.

Taffeta Options

Taffeta films are 0.75 mil film with 50x50 or 150x150 white or grey taffetas.

Standard Features

  • Headboards made in marine grade aluminum.
  • Draft Stripes.
  • Bolt rope or slides.
  • Nylon Tell Tales at leech batten for easy trimming.
  • Clam Cleat for the leech and foot lines.
  • Easy to adjust Battens pockets. All batten pockets are sewn with backing pads for extra durability.
  • Cunningham available as a press ring, or webbing loop.
  • Load Croner Patches are standard and are cut in the same laminate as the sail body.
  • One or two set of reefs. A third set of reef is available for performance offshore or multihull sails.


UV Cover optionally fitted at the Clew on roller furling mains in either Sunbrella or UV Dacron.

Roller Furling Clew block are attached with webbing which is always sewn under the UV cover for enhanced UV protection.

Hand sewn Leather Corner reinforcement in light grey leather. Soft headboard.


  • Vertical Batten Pockets (for roller furling mainsails)
  • Bluewater upgrades for all MZ8 Offshore Voyager Sails.
  • Batten Car System package upgrade. Ask our sail consultants about our package pricing.

Designer's Note

MZ8 cruising sail membrane only uses fiber reinforcement where it is required and not where it isn't! This keeps weight to a minimum without compromising the performance and durability of the sail. It also means that some or all of the weight savings made where reinforcement is not needed can be used to add extra reinforcement to the high-load path areas of the sail. The fiber reinforcement added to the membrane is also a continuous directional filament, which accurately follows the load path lines of the sail.


MZ8 cruising sails are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty workmanship or damage due to sailcloth manufacturing, subject only to proper maintenance and being used in appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear are not covered.