Cruising and Racing Sails

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Cruising and Racing Sails

MZ2 Cruising Genoa - Coastal (MF)

Ideal for coastal cruising or day sailing for boats from 20 up to 60 ft. Built out of semi-firm dacron for added performance and durability. MZ2 Dacron cruising sails your power source for sailing around the bay with ease and performance. Easy to trim.
MZ2 Cruising Genoa - Coastal (MF)

Sail Includes:
Cross Cut – Cruise Dacron
Coastal Cruise Profile
UV Leech & Foot Cover
Tell Tales
Mid Height Clew
Webbing on Head & Tack
Sail Bag

Sail Overview

MZ2 sails, designed with days of coastal cruising and day sailing in mind. These sails are ideal for the owner who is planning to sail up and down the coast or invite friends to have a drink at sunset time. MZ2 favors Endurance over Performance as the essential value. Default cruising genoa LP are 150%, 135%, and 100% Jibs. All roller furling genoas include Sunbrella UV cover and Foam Luff (when required).

MAURIPRO MZ2 Cruising Sails will power your sailboat for many years as they will endure time.

Standard Features

  • Head can be fitted with a webbing loop, or a stainless steel "O" ring.
  • Webbing loops on head and tack are default for all roller furling genoas.
  • Luff tape is standard. Hanks are standard for all non-furling genoas.
  • All luff tapes have double roping.
  • Port and Starboard wool tell tales for easy trimming.
  • Clam Cleat or V Cleat for the leech and foot lines.
  • Foam luff available in Foam Pad (default), Foam Strips, or Rope.
  • Sunbrella UV cover.


2:1 leech line purchase at the clew is available for larger sails.


MZ2 Cruising Sails are guaranteed for 2 years against faulty workmanship or damage due to sailcloth manufacturing, subject only to proper maintenance and if used under appropriate wind conditions. Regular wear and tear are not covered.