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Selden 60 Plain Bearing Block - Single Cheek Quick Lock Clockwise

Selden 60 Plain Bearing Block - Single Cheek Quick Lock Clockwise


MXN1,894.36 excl. VAT

*Upper sheave working load/breaking load for double footblocks is 50% working load/breaking load of lower sheave

Seldén Plain Bearing Blocks - 60/80 Quick Lock Seldén blocks give you the benefits of a high strength to weight ratio. They only use top quality materials like glass fibre reinforced composite and marine grade stainless steel. Each component is designed for top performance and perfect interaction with the rig under all conditions.

  • Spring loaded arm for precise and reliable locking operation. The spring holds the arm in open or closed positions
  • The Quick Lock function is intended for temporary use only, and does not replace a normal clutch or a cleat
  • Acetal sheave (PBB 60)
  • Glass fibre reinforced sheave with polymer bushing (PBB 80)
  • Torsionally rigid cheeks in glass fibre filled composite prevent jamming of the line
  • Loads are absorbed by a stainless strap inside the cheeks. A safety feature quite typical for Seldén products

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