The new line of VETUS HD waterlocks is specially made for those applications where the system is put to the test day in day out, such as commercial or coastguard craft. The new line of VETUS HD waterlocks are made from a specially blended composite that is heat resistant up to 260 °C. While the NLP waterlock design is already well known for its silencing features, versatile installation options, and extremely low backpressure, it now adds mechanical properties that can meet any challenge and puts it in a unique position in the market! Thermal resistance to deformation under pressure is 250 °C; almost double that of standard GRP materials. The same goes for tensile and flexural strength! For those concerned by weight, there is good news as well. All these benefits are available at almost half the weight of the competition!


  • Available for Ø 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, and 90 mm exhaust systems
  • VETUS HD composite material is heat resistant up to 260 °C
  • The safe choice in case of cooling failure
  • Easily and quickly installed in any situation
  • 360º rotating bodies
  • Rotating hose connections, provide infinite connection possibilities
  • Floor mount bracket and wall mount straps supplied as standard
  • Maximum performance
  • Superior noise reduction
  • Minimal backpressure in the exhaust system
  • Provided with drain plugs for winter storage
  • Available in black or white

NLP Capcity 4 NLP Capacity 10 litres
Product No. Colour Hose Ø Capacity (Liter) Drawing
NLP40HD Black 40mm 4.5 S
NLP45HD Black 45mm 4.5 S
NLP50HD Black 50mm 4.5 S
NLP50SHD Black 50mm 10 L
NLP60HD Black 60mm 10 L
NLP75HD Black 75mm 10 L
NLP90HD Black 75mm 10 L
NLP50SWHD White 50mm 10 L
NLP60WHD White 60mm 10 L
NLP75WHD White 75mm 10 L
NLP90WHD White 90mm 10 L
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Vetus Waterlock Heavy Duty Type 75MM
Original Price: $ 474.00
Price: $ 367.95

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