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Maxwell Windlasses - VC Series


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The VC Series is designed for simple, low cost anchor recovery on smaller boats and rope hauling on larger vessels.

Product Features:

  • Vertical design suits smaller powerboats or sailboats and can be utilised for anchor rodes, as a docking capstan on larger craft, or auxiliary line hauling from any direction.
  • High quality finish on above deck components, hard wearing chrome over marine-grade bronze.
  • Functional rope hauling from any direction using independent MAX-grip™ snag-free warping drum for positive control of all ropes.
  • Simplified through deck installation by modular design and precise alignment of gearbox to the topworks utilising marine-grade stainless steel bolts.
  • Alternative gearbox/motor positions accommodate virtually all installation situations.
  • Compact, reliable gearbox, made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Anodized aluminium gearbox and spacer on VC500 and VC1000 models.
  • Heavy duty, dual direction motors, designed for marine winches.
  • Easily disassembled for servicing.
  • Can be mounted horizontally for use as a pot hauler or davit winch.

Product Includes:
  • Windlass.
  • On/Off breaker panel.
  • Black Footswitch.

Model: VC500 VC1000
A 65mm 80mm
B 106mm 122.5mm
D 173mm 252mm
E 245mm 272mm
F 132.5mm 160mm
G (Std deck clearance) 57mm 100mm
G (Extra deck clearance) N/A 150mm
H (Working height of drum for rope warping) 37.55mm 44mm
Model Maximum Pull (stall) Line Speed (Normal working) Power Supply (DC) Motor Power Net Weight
Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic Flow Net Weight (Hydraulic)
VC500 300kg 18m/min 12V or 24V 600W 10kg N/A N/A N/A
VC1000 700kg 20m/min 12V or 24V 1000W 18kg 100 bar 20L/min 11kg