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Sailboat Rigging

Sailboat Rigging

Whether you are setting up the hardware for Ronstan trapeze or trying to create the perfect mast rake before a big race with your Loos & Co. tension guage, we at MAURIPRO Sailing Netherlands will meet your Rigging needs. On this page you will find both rigging hardware and rigging tools.

About Standing Rigging Harware
A boat's standing rigging consists of the components used to give the mast support and shape. A typical standing rigging consists of a Forestay, sets of shrouds and a backstay. additional standing rigging may include runing backstays, checkstays and baby stays. The most common material for standing rigging is wire rope, although standing rigging can also be made from solid rod, synthetic materials or carbon. Wire standing rigging is commonly adjusted using turnbuckles and terminated with terminators attached to a stud on one end and a mast terminal on the other. Eyes or forks attach wire standing rigging to the deck or other components. We carry wire for standing rigging of the 1x19 type, 7x19 and the compact stranf "dyform" type.

About Running Rigging Hardware
A boats running rigging consists of the rigging that is used to adjust sails or spars. Running rigging includes sheets, guys, halyards and control line like topping lifts, cunninghams or outhauls. The running rigging hardware includes thimbles to terminate wire halyards and tie balls that are useful on spinnaker halyards and control lines.

About Rigging Tape
PSP Rigging Tape includes several sailing tapes that serve different purposes. Rigging tapes include Removable UV duck tape, spreader tape and mast collar tape. Additional adheasive rigging products by psp include several types of self amalgamating tape and hook and loop velcro type tape.

About Rigging Tools
Rigging tools include tension gauges and fids. Tylaska shackle release fids are an indispensable tool for fast, safe release of lines under heavy load. Tylaska flug fids allow for safe and effective remote shackle opening.

About Sail Hardware
Forespar Jib rollers protect the jib or genoa by providing a smooth rotating surface to keep the jib from snagging on the standing rigging. The Wichard sail chafe protector serves works simmilarl. They can also be used on life lines to help skirt the genoa. Wichard One hand sail snaps are available in a number of sizes and make excellent hanks for hank on jibs.

About Spar Hardware
Spar hardware includes brackets and exit plates. Exit plates allow running rigging and control lines like halyards and outhauls to enter and exit spars without chafing. brackets are used to attach boom vangs, mainsheets and other lines to spars.

About Rigging Trapeze Harnesses
Trapeze Harnesses consist of wire, an adjustable loop, a handle, a clam cleat and bungee chord. Ronstan Trapeze Hardware is used to install the rigging necessary to trapeze. Get your bodyweight completely off the rail with this variety of grade 316 Stainless steel adjustable trapeze rings, vee jam blocks and strap plates. Keep a hold using Ronstan Trapeze Handle.

We at MAURIPRO Sailing Netherlands are fully committed to be your Rigging Hardware specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use website but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Rigging for your boat Please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!