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Genoa Lead Cars

Genoa Lead Cars & Tracks allow sailors to make adjustments on the sheeting angle of the genoa, modifying the sail for the best shape and point. Even if you are not racing, you may need to make adjustments on your lead cars when you are using a furling genoa. For cruisers, pinstop systems will allow adjustments at your leisure. For racers, the slider car systems will allow for adjustments to be made as the situation changes. Switching over to effective Genoa Car Systems & Tracks will allow you to adjust the position of the jib or genoa clew, power up or depower your headsail when sailing closed hull. The right genoa car will run smoothly, adjust cleanly, and assist in proper trim. Reduce your weatherhelm and heel by adjusting your genoa cars position while trimming your headsail on your sailboat. Doesn't matter if you race or cruise, because not only does the sheeting angles from the genoa car system reduce heel, it also makes for a more comfortable and efficient ride.

Replacing Parts on your Genoa Car System
When looking for a replacement part for your sailboat Genoa Car System, it is important to know the size track and the manufacturer of the system. Genoa cars are not interchangeable between the manufacturers as the Genoa cars are designed specifically for the same system track with exception to some T-Track Genoa Cars. Once you have determined the manufacturer of your sailboat jib car systems, the next step it to measure the height and the width of the track. Taking these measurements of the genoa track will help you determine the size genoa car system in place.

Modifications to your current adjustable Genoa Car System
If you are having difficulties pulling in the ball bearing jib car by hand, switching the jib car and control ends out for a model with more sheaves can assist by easing your adjustments. Adding sheaves or blocks to the genoa car system will allow you to build a purchase system that will give you the mechanical advantage to trim the traveler car in out out with ease.

Maintaining your Sailboat Genoa Car System
It is highly recommended to rinse off your genoa car system with fresh water every couple of months, or more frequently if sailing in a saltwater environment. The freshwater rinse will help prevent any sort of buildup between the ball bearings and Genoa Car track. If the genoa car system & track starts to feel gritty, we recommend cleaning the track with soap and water. Place the soap on the traveler track and run the genoa car over the soap to clean the bottom of the car. After the track is dry, place McLube One Drop lubricant on the track for your ball bearing genoa cars and run the cars over that lubricated section of genoa track for thirty seconds to completely restore the smooth run on your sailboat genoa car system. If cleaning and lubrication does not solve the problem, inspect the car and genoa track for damages sections that may need to be replaced.

We at MAURIPRO Sailing are provide a wide variety of genoa car and track systems from many trusted names in sailing such as Harken, Lewmar, and more.

Genoa Lead Cars