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MZ2 & MX2 Coastal Cruising
MZ4 & MX4 Bluewater Cruising
Performance Cruising Sails

Mauri Coastal Cruising Sails are designed for the cruising sailor and his family who spend their weekends sailing on lakes, coastal waterways or the bay. We understand you’re not headed around Cape Horn – you just want to spend a quiet weekend cruising up or down the coast.

At Mauri Sails, we’ll work with you to make your cruising sails fit your sailing style, local conditions and budget.

Mauri Coastal Weekender sails are affordable, easy to use, long-lasting cruising sails. Mauri sailmakers can offer expert advice from whether you need full length battens in your mainsail to what is the best size roller furler genoa....more

Mauri Bluewater Cruising Sails are designed to meet the demands of offshore sailing. They are true offshore sails for the serious cruiser heading on a transatlantic passage, cruising the South Pacific or for the sailor willing to spend time in open water drifting along whales or enjoying the spray of a 45 knots gale force winds.

Mauri Sailmakers has extensive experience serving cruising adventurers who have traveled all over the world in every condition. We understand that our offhsore salty customers require a sail inventory to match their ambitions. Whether you're contemplating a full batten mainsail, a furling mainsail, a furling genoa, a cruising spinnaker or a storm jib, we’ll customize each sail for your bluewater cruising needs....more

Mauri Performance Cruising Sails are designed to meet the demands of performance cruising sailing. They are the right mix of the lessons learned about high performance catamaran and monohull sailing and the needs of the coastal sailor and bluewater cruiser.

Mauri Performance Cruising Sails are cruising (sailing) all over the world in every condition. We understand the demands and difference in loads that an offshore boat takes. Mauri sail designers have years of experience shaping large unlimited roach mainsails.

Our sail consultants are knowledgeable not only on sail shapes and materials but on all required trimming systems and hardware for cruising or performance sailboats....more

Mauri Sails are cruising the world


MX3 Club Racing Sails
MX5 GP Racing Sails
Racing Spinnakers

racing spinnaker mauri sails
Aramid Racing Sails Available for boats with sails under 45 square meters. These sails incorporate all of the technology that has been developed for the MX5 advanced load path sails but stays uniform with all Technora and Twaron fiber content with a polyester scrim. The MX3 Club Racing sails are very smooth with advanced resistance to stretch for shape and stability.

Go fast and keep the racing program within the budget.

Sailcloth: Technora/Twaron with X-Ply Scrim

At Mauri Sails, we’ll work with you to make your club racing sails fit your local conditions and your budget.

Mauri MX3 Club Racing Sails....more

MX5 GP Carbon Racing Sails (Advanced Low Path Membrane)
Built for non-compromise racing sailors. The membranes have the ability to incorporate custom load path layouts as specified by our sail designers and are technologically advanced. These are film to film sails.

Sailcloth: Carbon with Technora X-Ply Scrim

Mauri Sail Consultants are season racing sailors with extensive experience about sail shapes, rig tuning and advance sail trimming. Contact us to find out more about Mauri MX5 Racing Sails....more
MX Racing Asymmetrical Spinnakers are designed for the racing sailor who wants to reach fast but keep the ability to dive into deeper angles when need. Broad upper shoulder will rotate to windward when needed (ideal to gain that inside position at the leeward mark).

Mauri MX Racing Symmetrical Spinnakers are designed for the racing sailor who wants to sail deep angles or to his VMG.

Our MX spinnakers are designed with broad upper shoulders to increase windward rotation.

Our sail consultants are spinnaker trimmers who are eager to find the extra tenth of a knot or 1 degree of advantage. Read more about our line of racing spinnakers ...more info

Mauri Sails Performance & Endurance Racing Sails
If you need immediate assistance finding the appropriate sails for your sailboat please do not hesitate to call us, our sail consultants are ready to help you.